Dreams Do Come True (I saw Torres twice)


The best stadium ever: Vicente Calderon

The best stadium ever: Vicente Calderon

I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to decide to share my happiness with everyone but here I am. When I moved to Madrid, I knew it would amazing to see Real Madrid play football at Santiago Bernabeu and seeing them play against Liverpool for the Champions League, 1 row from the pitch was just an added bonus. So I got to see Gerrard and the current LFC team and Ronaldo (although I hate him more than I like him).

11084267_980492058657674_433696172255418142_n (1)

But never in a million years did I think I’d be here typing this today. I was given the blessed opportunity to see Torres play live not once but twice for his home team, Atlético de Madrid. During Christmas holidays I was following the transfer rumours like crazy and once I heard about his loan to Atlético, I saved the ticket site as a bookmark on my phone – ready to buy any tickets I could get my hands on as soon as it was confirmed. And it was. I bought tickets to Atlético Madrid vs Almeria and Atlético Madrid vs Getafe. Both were incredible.

In the first match against Almeria, I bought myself a Torres scarf and I was waving it around from one of the highest stands in Vicente Calderon (he would never have been able to see me). I was way beyond excited and I kept getting laughed at by locals in the stand – screaming even if he was appallingly wide.

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During the most recent match, Atlético Madrid vs Getafe, Torres scored in the first minute. I hadn’t even sat down properly before I was jumping out of my seat screaming. I had an amaaaaaaazing view from the corner of the goal and I could see his little blonde head from the opposite side. I’ve been a Torres fan even since Liverpool signed him and he’ll forever be my favourite footballer in the world – he’s not the best, no. But he’s passionate, world class and so so humble.

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So thank you Madrid, for giving me the opportunity to see my favourite footballer play his best at home. It wasn’t something I expected to happen but I’m oh so glad it did.

I hope those of you who know me will come to peace with my Torres-obsession. And those of you who don’t, welcome because it’s never-ending.




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